In a way, The Ink Bucket was over 10 years in the making, from the time Vidhi toyed with painting as a little girl.
At first, it was something to do on the side, while school took centre stage. “A way to have homework-life balance”, is how she puts it.
By college the scales tipped entirely towards the arts. Pursuing a degree in textile design at NIFT, Delhi was her chance to turn a pre-occupation into her occupation.
Although she didn’t get her start in a dream job, she got her shot rather early on. At 22, she applied and got selected for the Myntra Incubator Program.
Her winning pitch for an artistic lifestyle brand got her a spot among nine other would-be entrepreneurs, out of several hundred candidates, to build the foundation for what became The Ink Bucket.
While our brand is widely known for visual appeal, new dimensions have been added to the operation. New blood has brought in fresh ideas, varied experience, and additional expertise. 

In early 2021, Vidhi’s husband, Nikhil entered the picture, with a colourful background, having worked in different industries.

Together they’re building towards bigger and better things, even if, in the process, they wind up bringing their work home with them.

Which isn’t such a bad thing when you’re bringing home planners, calendars, journals, aprons, curtains, cushion covers and all the other things we think of when we think of Makings of a Beautiful Life.