The Ink Bucket ( TIB ) was founded by Vidhi Khandelwal right after her graduation from NIFT Delhi when she realized that she could not stay away from her drawing tools for too long. Amidst the urge to explore whatever she could think of and mere indecisiveness of which exact career to choose, from being a chef, to pursuing a Masters in business management, she stuck to her drawings and decided to step it up to the next level.
Her love for hand drawn illustrations, lettering and the desire to one day own the largest supply of stationery is what has now become The Ink Bucket.

TIB is about the little things that we have forgotten, the simple gestures that used to bring us sheer joy. Today’s generation is growing up in a paperless world. A world where Hallmark stores barely exist because people now send e-vites and e- cards.

Our philosophy is to combine a unique design approach with a strong commitment to hand drawn illustrations and hand crafted goods. Every print is hand painted and a TIB exclusive.

Inspired by traditional tools and techniques, we aim to weave together the beauty of old world with clean aesthetics of modern design. We emphasis on creating flexible, creative, hand drawn prints, and create products with a personal touch and an emotional connect, spreading across a message that we are still creative, imaginative and unique. All our products are proudly designed, printed and made in India.