Less takeaways

More takeout 🙈

Everyone seems to be doing one of these nowadays. Takeaways from our time in lockdown. Apparently being shut in, and shut out of the world is the perfect opportunity to learn something about ourselves. Throughout history exceptional people, great artists and thinkers, have done the same, to varying degrees of extremity. Ranging from not emerging from their rooms for weeks to going to the absolute extreme of a self imposed exile.

Is it oversimplification to say those were different times? More concerned with solving the riddle of solitude. Learning to be alone and in the process, learning who you are. Which isn’t to say we’re not concerned with the issue of identity these days. It’s just our ways of figuring the self out are more inclusionary. In relation to communal factors like gender, lineage, race, nationality among others.

Although lockdown conditions allow for introspection and consequently self betterment,  we’re at our best as part of a community.

This is all really a roundabout way of saying we miss our team. Our small but growing team. In fact, our latest hire happened over zoom. Which is not the best platform for something of this magnitude, bringing someone into the fold here at The Ink Bucket. We would have liked to welcome her into the family in person, and in a more personal way (but we’ll make it up to you Nitya).

We’re at a critical stage now in our growth, working on new and exciting products (more on this soon) and steering the brand in a new direction. Our main takeaway at this time is teamwork is everything. Bonding, sharing, supporting, collaborating - everything. But working remotely has had a somewhat reductive effect. And we’re feeling it. Not less enthused about the work but less co-ordinated getting the job done.

Still we’re marching on. Hoping for better things around the corner. Safer conditions and with it the prospect of returning to the workplace. Where we’ll rub shoulders again. Work with the fervour of a team reunited. Together dipping into the well of inspiration. Or in our particular metaphor, the bucket.

June 18, 2021 — Vidhi Khandelwal


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