On a brand level, the kitchen collection was a step in a new direction. On an individual level, it was a step back on familiar ground. A place we sort of abandoned and only ever passed through.

We’re talking about the kitchen (if that wasn’t obvious already). Either a lack of time or inclination kept us out for far too long.

See, we’ve been ordering in on a super regular basis. Everyday, pretty much every meal. Having fallen into another of the traps of startup work culture.

Busying ourselves to the point of diminishing returns on the health end of the wellbeing spectrum. Hoping for a bigger payoff at the opposite end, the career and wealth portion. A reasoning that falls short of reasonable doubt. At least from the perspective of the long game.

An undeniably bad strategy for life. Justifying bad food habits with poor excuses. Like a heavy workload eating into cooking time or feeling entitled to a takeout treat at the end of a long tiring workday.

As the excuses grew so did our expenses and our waistlines. But a few months ago we managed to turn things around by getting back in the kitchen. Which really started as part of the job, testing our aprons and oven mitts.

We didn’t expect the job to open doors in our private life, leading us back into the kitchen to reclaim a healthy lifestyle. But it has, and we’re glad. We’ve rediscovered the simple, homely satisfaction of eating a meal made by our own hands. We’ve even managed to satisfy cravings by attempting the fancy stuff. The likes of creamy mushroom risotto and double chocolate chip cookie.

These are just the starters in the grand scheme of things we have planned for the kitchen. We also plan on reporting back to you about the fine-dining-at-home experience (the instances it works out fine at least), with recipes for you to attempt too. Starting with the cookie (below).

Our exploits are bound to get more experimental. So stay tuned. We’re just getting warmed up.


P.S. Here's the link to our Kitchen Collection :)

P.P.S. Do tell us your favourite newly discovered recipes below 🙃

June 27, 2021 — Vidhi Khandelwal


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