The Ink Bucket ( TIB ) is a stationery and lifestyle brand founded by Artist Vidhi Khandelwal. What began once as a passion project has today grown into a Brand that's loved and revered by thousands around the world. 

Our modern lives have got us away from nature to being constantly surrounded by wires, screens, gadgets and mostly other un-inspiring stuff.  In these environments, its easy to lose our sense of creativity and wonder. 

At TIB we believe that all of us are truly
creative, imaginative and unique. And we also believe that life gets better and happier with just a slight touch of creativity and art.

That's exactly why we ensure all our products are created by combining modern aesthetics with an obsessive love for hand-painted illustrations. Every piece of art that you see is hand painted and a TIB exclusive.

We hope that our products brighten your day and help you live a wonderful creative life.

All our products are proudly designed, printed and made in India. Thank you so much for your interest in our products - we hope you love what you see!