Hello! I am so excited to give you a virtual tour of my home in Bangalore. If you are new here, my name is Vidhi and i moved to Bangalore a couple of months ago to live my dream of living alone, building a home and adulting in my own messed up way. Before I begin, let me please give you a little back story and tell you how special this experience was for me. 

 I did not move here with a very clear agenda and a vividly remember the jitters in my stomach on my last night in Delhi at my parent's house and forever home. For the first few days, I was a lost child, not knowing if the new city would accept me in a way I expected it to, if I would be able to financially sustain myself, make friends and manage work and home alone. I was a mix of anxious and excited. More excited than anxious. I made plans, listed down everything I could think of and went out searching for the perfect apartment. For a week, every night, I would come back tired and disappointed until the 8th day of house hunting when I stepped into the house that I literally felt i had been dreaming of. It had plenty of natural light, off white walls, new building, beautiful balcony with trees around, decently furnished and it had a vibe that resonated with me. I knew this was it! haha.  

The next step was to make it into a home, a liveable space. I wanted to keep it clean, fresh, minimal with subtle pops of color, inspiring and did not want to overclutter the space.

Was it easy? no. Was it satisfying and surreal ? Yes. 

Exactly an year ago, I was dreaming of living a life that I am living right now and sometimes I still wonder if this really happened :)

Lets dive into into the real deal now and take a look at my cozy little space which is still a work in progress. But, lets do this. 


One of my first purchases was this chair from Amazon ( came in a big flat box and was moderately easy to assemble). The idea behind this corner was to be able to sit close to the balcony and drool over the beautiful trees outside.

Chair , side table - Amazon

Cushion on the chair - Design Station

Planter stand - self made

Test tube vase - Vajor

Round rug - Gifted by a friend


My favorite part of this apartment is the balcony and the big glass doors . Thats the first place I had set up and for the first few days,  I would sit and work there all day. The planter stands were made using cement and some waste wood I found in my building complex. It’s right off pinterest :P Some weeks ago, I came across some really cool DIYs, got inspired and made a couple of these for my place. They turned out different but i was quite happy with them. I ended up doing quite a few cement DIYs at my place later.

This floor seating corner has a beautiful view, plenty of natural light and this super comfy floor cushion is everything.

Planter stand - self made ( cement + wood )

Cushions - Design Station

Rug, Wooden tray - Amazon

Coaster - Strawberry collective

Ostrich - stole from my best friend :P


Moving on to the bedroom, I rented a simple queen size bed and everything else is fairly neutral and functional.

Bed - rented

Blanket, Lamp, Rug - amazon

Table - home centre and then painted with acrylics because i didn’t like the color.

Cushions - Design Station

Stool - Commercial Street

vase - Its actually a lamp, from a street side small store near Hennur road

Flowers - Home Centre

Curtain - Given to me by a friend


Almost always, I have worked out of a small desk in my bedroom and when I moved to this place, the one thing I was most excited about was having a separate room for work. I bought the wooden board and got a carpenter to fix it on the wall rather than buying a table. The L shape of the table gives me enough space to put everything I need at once. The racks on the wall are fixed with metal angles bought from a hardware store. I love how this room gets a lot of sunlight throughout the day and the natural tones and plants in this area add a beautiful vibe. I wanted to keep things clean, functional and inspiring enough for me to be able to stay productive and motivated. It’s still a work in progress and you can expect to see some more additions and changes soon :D

Durrie and kantha cushion - Design station

Chair - Urban Ladder

Lamp - Amazon

Wall shelves and hanging planter stand - DIY

Yellow and white planter - Home Centre

Brush stand on the table - Westside home

Blackboard - Not So Shabby

Bench - Pepperfry

Pouffe - Design station

Cushions - Sarojini Nagar, Delhi

Flowers - Home centre

Framed wire mesh - Not So Shabby

That’s all folks! It’s been a beautiful experience to put together this place I can now call home and I hope you enjoyed this little tour :)


Hi, i would absolutely love to see your kitchen! Pretty please?

Soumya May 24, 2020

Hey, just came across your article and I’m in the process of what you’ve been thru of shifting from Delhi to Bangalore and I’m still house hunting with no leads and even flat mate hunting xD
Could you give your advice on that? Im looking for exactly the type of place you’ve found for yourself, any suggestions on how and where I could?
Great site and ideas though, love them

Meddhya December 14, 2019

Aesthetically arranged home….loved the natural light….n everything about it

Megalai Kp November 22, 2019

I absolutely love your home
It’s a vibe thing I feel
Your tribe has the same vibe
Enjoy this space
Sending lots of love your way
Ordered your 2020 planner
Waiting to receive it

Sneha Kalani October 14, 2019

Love everything about Ur place. I long to have a white one space like this, clean and bright with trees… The best of all worlds… Maybe even the sound of the sea close by. Have a house full of messy boys and a dog I live with :) so will aim to do this with my room and my side fo the bed :)

Love your journals. Thank you for inspiring!!

Annelise October 05, 2019

This is so inspiring! Your home looks surreal! I recently moved into an apartment alone and have been wondering how I can make it the home I want! Thank you so much sharing this 😊 your home looks heavenly!

Nivedita August 04, 2019

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